Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Quick Post-New Year Update

Twice now I have attempted to post a lengthy tale of how I came to do what it is that I do. Both times the fates have intervened and my computer has locked up, as it frequently does. I'll keep on trying to get something together, if only because I have what I believe to be the perfect picture for the post. Until then, here is a quick update on the happenings in my life.

My weekend was quite festive despite the fact that I came down with some illness on Thursday. Friday night I was out until the wee hours at a going-away party for a friend. The night started slowly, but by 1 AM there was a spirited game of hockey occurring in the living room. I managed to injure my knee by slightly hyperextending it. Badgers win at hockey.

Saturday morning was spent sleeping. I normally am not one to sleep in, even after a late night. However, I knew when I woke up at 8 that I would be needing a lot more rest for New Year's Eve. I was planning on heading over to E&C's around 8. Then I received a call from McCay, who was attempting to find E&C's three hours before the party was to start. So I made my way over there with a bottle of vodka, a bag of ice, and a bottle of Chivas Regal. Good times were had by all. Badgers win at hockey again.

Sunday morning I came to on E&C's couch at around 9. I felt surprisingly well, considering that I drank nearly the entire bottle of Chivas.

Monday I manage to miss the bowl game. Badgers defeat Auburn. I am still pissed that I missed it.

That's about it. I would like to devote a little more time to this thing, maybe figure out how to change a few settings and such. Until then...


Blogger K8E said...

Thank you Wisconsin. The joy it gave me to see Auburn get their butts handed to them was good for my soul. Especially as Alabama won their bowl game (It doesn't have to be pretty - you just have to be ahead :o) ).

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