Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Getting in Nine at Argue-Ment

For the last few years my father and I have been regular patrons at Argue-Ment Golf Course between Belleville and New Glarus. It is about the closest course to Paoli, and on many Fridays my father and I will cut out early to play a round. Earlier this summer my father injured his shoulder, effectively putting an end to our Friday excursions for a while. Thankfully he's starting to heal up, and he has modified his swing to allow him to play. In fact, he's hitting the ball pretty damn well.

This last Friday was the first time we had been out since early July. I had brought along my camera - these are photos from the course. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon, and I'm happy to report that I played one of the best rounds I've managed all year. The last three or four times I've been out my performance was atrocious. Friday was a different story. I wasn't setting the world on fire by any means, but I did hit well consistently off the tee and my short game was markedly improved.

Argue-Ment is a course that most golfers wouldn't play regularly, since the tee boxes aren't level, the roughs are thick and the greens are hard, mounded, and virtually impossible to hold. Still, it is a beautiful setting: an old farm in a valley, converted to a nine-hole course. It's the kind of course where you don't berate yourself too badly for a missed shot or a lost ball, because everything is a bit more laid back. And the view from #5 is worth the price alone:


Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

Those are great pictures! The bright green grass, the blue sky with perfect white clouds...glad you played a good round! I enjoyed your comment on my blog, lol. I guess the grass isn't always greener with power locks! :)

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