Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been a rough month

One of my perennial complaints is how busy I am. I know this, and I still keep whinging on about it. Still, the month of April has been especially busy. Construction season coupled with the spring thaw equals me working constantly. I still am not out of the woods, but I can see daylight.

So this is just to say that I am still around, albeit generally in the office. The home computer is dead for all intents and purposes (intensive purposes?). I don't do nearly as much fun shit these days. Still, the last few weeks haven't been bad. The weather is turning nice - I even got a good start on my trucker's tan yesterday driving down to Janesville. The two big issues that dominate my daily thinking (aside from the Stanley Cup playoffs, which I am not paying close enough attention to!) are work and the future, specifically housing.

Here's a picture from yesterday:

That's right. Foreigner. At the Rock County Fairgrounds. The first Coors is on me!

Oh yeah, and we're National Champs! Times Two! I am still a little giddy over that one.