Monday, February 27, 2006

I was going to post...

I really was. But I simply could not summon the words. So instead I'll leave it at this: There will hopefully be significant changes happening soon in my life. I have spent the last two years in a rut, so to speak. It was all good fun and laughs, but I think that's done now. What does this all mean? Maybe nothing. I don't know. But I will try to keep you all in on it, whatever it may be.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Game Pt. 2

Let me preface this by stating that I have already tried several other posts on the Shitbox at home, all being more descriptive than this will be. The Shitbox took these from me, and was punished accordingly. I am wrapping up here at work and will utilize a computer that I do not regularly beat to talk a bit more about the game.

I left off with everyone waiting for the bus to get to the assembly point in Sun Prairie. My entourage and I picked up a decent assortment of brew, consisting of Berghoff Lager, Esser's Cross Plains Special and Molson Canadian. We also bought a pack of brats and assorted condiments. Despite the bus getting lost on the way to the assembly point, we were off and running at a good time. We all crack a fresh one and we're on our way. Our only limitation to unbridled fun in the absence of a restroom on the bus. Fortunately our driver, Gary, is sympathetic to our plight and offers to stop on a regular basis.

We arrived in Green Bay in no time at all. Maybe it was the drinking and carousing that was going on, but I thought we made record time. We drove around for a while looking for a place to park the rig and set up the grill. One memory that sticks with me is the image of snowmobile-suited parking attendants giving us conflicting directions in thick "Up Nort" accents. After shuffling around a bit and being told that we were on the wrong side of the stadium, we just gave the guy $40 and got a prime spot near the Buckys.

We fired up the grill and started tailgating in earnest. The temperature was just about perfect, for February at least. We had seen a bit of snow on the way up around Appleton, and the fear was that if the snow continued the powers that be may postpone the game. Instead it was clear and crisp at Lambeau, and the temperature didn't seem excessively cold.

PART 3 Coming... I have to go home now

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Game

It is going on a week since the highlight of my winter came and past. I feel that I should get down a few memories before they fade into the alcoholic mist. Here's a recollection:

I first heard about this outdoor spectacle several months ago and immediately knew I simply had to be in attendance. I cajoled and wheedled initially, but events conspired against me. In the end justice prevailed, and I was heading up to Green Bay. However, the small carload of people I had anticipated mushroomed into a crowd as the team improved and the game drew near.

By far the most challenging aspect of attending this game was the logistics. A week before the game twenty people had agreed to go. Several people from the Wednesday night poker game took it upon themselves to arrange for a charter bus from Sun Prairie to Green Bay and back. A small setback occurred just prior to the game, as several people dropped out of their commitments and tickets were suddenly available. In the end, a lucky thirteen made the journey.

We assembled at the departure point around 9:30 AM. The game-day atmosphere was prevalent, and I was taken back several years to the crisp autumn mornings in Madison, waiting for kick-off. I accentuated this memory with my first suds of the day. Nothing reminds me of college than drinking outdoors in the morning.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


I haven't posted in a while, and I wish I could apologize for this. Truthfully, I have just been too busy to find the time to deal with my piece of shit computer and its sandbagging ways (I am quickly posting from work right now). So if anyone is disappointed, and I have a hard time believing anyone really is, I offer this in exchange: with all of my wild and crazy times, I should have plenty to blog about at some unspecified later date. Take it or leave it.

Today I had a site trip up to northern Wisconsin. For those not in the know, it snowed today and then some. The second site I went to was on top of a rather significant hill. I managed to get the work truck up the hill, at least to the gate, but coming down proved to be much more complicated. All's well that end's well, however, and I even made it back to the office before everyone else left. I wanted to tell everyone about my involuntary truck sledding experience as well as my previous night's poker victory.

Here's a picture I took from the tower site down to the gate, where I had to park the truck, and a picture of the steep driveway taken last year, sans the snow. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


This makes four attempts at posting. Each has ended predictably, with my computer frozen and me seeing red. My tone in each post has gone from cheerfully voluble to just plain nasty and short. If this one doesn't go through, I am going to throw this piece of shit out the window. A man can only take so much.

It looks like the last one did make it, which is cool. I am still pissed though. Maybe I'll start looking at new computer options at work tomorrow.

A Quick One

This is gonna be quick. My computer is not long for this world. It has been locking up with increasing frequency and I have had enough. Maybe not quite enough to go out and get a new one, but I have taken to physically abusing the cocksucker when it locks up. I have already attempted to post this quick one three times.

I won at poker last night! Way to go me. Of course, I felt like shit this morning, but that's the tradeoff.

E & C recently closed on their new house, and it got me to thinking that it is getting about time for me to put my future housing back on the front burner. Last year I spent a while looking at houses and condos, but it didn't really pan out to much. I just didn't have a desire to be looking at places. Now I am. As winter closes out I know that work will become even busier. I learned last year that if I am caught up at work I just don't have the time to devote to realistically looking at listings and looking at places.

I think I will try another longer post later tonight, but now I am going to cross my fingers and hope this bitch of a computer doesn't lock up when I try to publish this. My hand is still a little sore from the last time.