Friday, February 17, 2006

The Game

It is going on a week since the highlight of my winter came and past. I feel that I should get down a few memories before they fade into the alcoholic mist. Here's a recollection:

I first heard about this outdoor spectacle several months ago and immediately knew I simply had to be in attendance. I cajoled and wheedled initially, but events conspired against me. In the end justice prevailed, and I was heading up to Green Bay. However, the small carload of people I had anticipated mushroomed into a crowd as the team improved and the game drew near.

By far the most challenging aspect of attending this game was the logistics. A week before the game twenty people had agreed to go. Several people from the Wednesday night poker game took it upon themselves to arrange for a charter bus from Sun Prairie to Green Bay and back. A small setback occurred just prior to the game, as several people dropped out of their commitments and tickets were suddenly available. In the end, a lucky thirteen made the journey.

We assembled at the departure point around 9:30 AM. The game-day atmosphere was prevalent, and I was taken back several years to the crisp autumn mornings in Madison, waiting for kick-off. I accentuated this memory with my first suds of the day. Nothing reminds me of college than drinking outdoors in the morning.



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