Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trips, Many Of Them

I've been a busy guy. In the absence of work in the office, I've found myself as the "designated site-tripper" of the office. Besides the aforementioned trips to MN and Chicago, I found myself up in northern Wisconsin several weeks ago. The best part about this particular trip: my sister now makes this region of the Dairy State her home.

I signed up for this trip as soon as I found out about it. It was a tower going on the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe's land, near their casino. This happens to be about 15 miles from the little town of Gresham, where my lovely and talented sister is now the first grade teacher. Of course, I stretched the trip into a full day, so that I could meet up with ELK and buy her a reasonably priced dinner. I had to leave early, about 5:00 AM, to make the meeting time. The site was difficult, since it was the third candidate - the last two sites had been shot down for various reasons. I spent a good hour mapping out the particulars of the site, and staked out a layout that would hopefully be approved. By 11:00 AM I was more or less done, and I had a few hours to kill. I drove around the small town of Gresham for a good thirty minutes, getting a feel for the town whose young my sister was now charged with educating. As my sister is fond of pointing out, Gresham maintains a 2:7 church to bar ratio - the true hallmark of a northern Wisconsin town. After lunch at one of the two restaurants in town, I stopped at the village park. Here's a picture, showing the fall colors with the view of the flowage behind the dam.
I still had time to kill, so I made my way over to Shawano, where my sister's apartment is, and found a good little coffee shop. I actually posted the last two posts while waiting for my sister. She showed up right as I was uploading the picture of her any my grandparents. She liked that photo better than the one I took of her drinking straight from the wine bottle during the dinner...

I spent a couple of hours catching up with her world, and then we made our way to a local bar & grill for dinner. Unfortunately I had to call the night premature, since it was a three hour + drive home and I needed to drop off some equipment in my possession to someone for the next day. Regardless, I'll always take any opportunity to visit my back-home-again sister. As I've said to many, a three hour drive is much better than a half-country one...


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