Thursday, November 01, 2007

Photos from Minnesota

It was a cold and windy day in Minnesota yesterday. This isn't the start of a scary Halloween story though. It's just the way it was. However, it was very pleasant Tuesday afternoon as I drove up from Madison. I stopped at a site I've been working on north of Duluth to take pictures for photosimulations. Being fall, the sun sets early. I tried to get up to the site by two in the afternoon but I ended up being an hour late, and found myself looking into the sun for all of my westerly photographs.

Here's a photograph looking southwest over Eagle Lake. I tried adjusting the settings on the camera to take some of the glare out of the picture.The next morning was not so pleasant. It was overcast, cold and windy. I made my way over to Babbitt, a mining town on the eastern end of the Mesabi Range. The tower site I'm working on is located on a ridge above the Northshore Iron Mine. Here's a picture I took from the backseat of an extended-cab pickup as we drove across the mine itself.Following my mine experience, I drove west along US 169 to another site that needed photosimulation pictures. The site is near Buhl. The landscape in the area is dotted with old pit mines, now filled with water. The wind was especially nasty, though from time to time the sun would break between the clouds. Here is a picture I took of the Civic parked in from of an old pit mine, now called Lake Buhl.After all my pictures had been completed, I made my way back toward Wisconsin. By the time I reached Duluth the clouds had started to clear. As I drove over the Blatnik Bridge between Duluth and Superior, I snapped a quick picture from the sunroof of the Civic. Here is St. Louis Bay, as viewed from (roughly) the state line at 60 mph.


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