Friday, January 11, 2008

Against Me! at the Majestic Theater

I've been meaning to post about the Big Trip, but lately I haven't been sticking around after-hours at work and the neighbor's WiFi hasn't been cooperating. Same old excuses. Some might say that I'll need to re-title to something along the lines of "Things That Happened To Me LAST YEAR." But the memories are still fresh, so I'll get to it.
I did manage to come across a nice review in the Badger Herald of a show that I went to see a couple of weeks before I left for vacation: Against Me! at the Majestic Theater

Dane101 also has a review with a nice group of pictures: Against Me! and Sage Francis at the Majestic

I really enjoyed the show. Against Me! has been dominating my listening habits for the last few years, and I was more excited to see this show than anything since the Hold Steady back in June. I even got up front and got knocked around in the crowd. I'd love to put together a better review, but I've got to get moving.


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