Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Civic Picture

Man, I'm starting to fall a bit behind. I've still got a couple more posts to wrap up the Israel trip, and I've been to four concerts that I'd like to write up, but for now I'm just going to settle for a picture of the Civic from yesterday's site trip to Michigan & Indiana.

That right there is a ski hill, or at least the Indiana equivalent of one. No black diamonds there, to be sure, but it still is a decent if short slope. The cell tower is going on the back of the hill, and I drove along the access drive until I came across a rope tow. So I just turned it uphill and parked on the slope - I didn't think anyone would mind.

I actually was at this site back in November, but the site moved on the property so I had to come back. Interestingly enough, my visit in November was a bit of a wash because I spent too long in Michigan and the sun was rapidly setting as I got to the site, as you can see below. Here's how you can tell it is definitely spring (DST plays a role too) - these photos were taken at about the same time (4:30 PM).


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